Artist Statement

When I was a child I constantly broke my crayons because I pressed down on them with such vigor to obtain the brightest, clearest color. My love affair with bright and beautiful colors continues to this day and can be seen in all the landscapes, still lifes and people I paint.

Bold, saturated colors and rich patterns and shapes are my passion. They have always intrigued me and provide a constant source of inspiration as I translate to canvas the world I see and paint with joy.

Betsy Vincent

Betsy has exhibited her art in solo and group shows throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. She is a Copley Artist and a member of the Copley Art Society in Boston, MA and has served on the board of the Scottsdale Artist School and the Western Art Associates of the Phoenix Art Museum. Betsy earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and continues to study with Master Artists, as well as teach both watercolors and oils.